Eliminate information overload and focus on the relevant paragraphs of your financial market research

Eliminate information overload and focus on the relevant paragraphs of your financial market research

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Blending cutting edge technology with human expertise in financial research for

Technological Innovations

Increase research consumption with Limeglass Research Atomisation™

Financial institutions are now turning to Research Digitisation1 to gain significant advantage and improve client service.

Limeglass transforms the liability of information overload into the asset it was designed to be with next-generation Research AtomisationTM financial technology. For the first time you can now directly explore research at paragraph-level avoiding the need to open each individual document to find what you, and your clients, are looking for.

1n: Research Digitisation – 1. The process of applying technology to automate the discovery, collection and distribution of relevant financial information by an institution to its clients or internal team to increase efficiency

Limeglass Lexicon Proprietary Financial Ontology underpins its services & technologies

Limeglass Research Atomisation™ services are powered by Limeglass Rich-NLP technology

Content Metrics provide granular analytics on composition of published research

Sell-Side / Publishers
Current Challenges
 in Workflow & Distribution

Key points in your in-house research can be missed amongst the information overload

Manual document tagging is subjective which causes inconsistencies

Inconsistent document tagging leads to sub-optimal distribution to clients

Sales and clients struggle to find articles and maximise the power of the research

Current Challenges 
with Research Consumption

Key points in the research you receive can be missed amongst the information overload

Deluge of documents arriving without any personalised filtering

Inability to identify themes and key topics in the flood of emails and publications

Having to open each individual document to find relevant paragraphs of interest

Enhancing Workflow & Distribution

Take Research Consumption Seriously

Limeglass PrismAPI

Automates & adds consistency to the pre-publication document tagging process which can be integrated into existing editorial systems.

Limeglass ContentAPI

Allows for powerful integration of Research Atomisation™ capabilities to enhance existing distribution, consumption & execution platforms.

Limeglass Portal

Provides an out-of-the-box web portal for sales desks allowing instant access to specific thematic paragraphs across all asset classes & macro topics.


The danger of so much information is that it becomes overwhelming. You have shown me a way to find and sort the key content I need…

Hedge Fund

Global Strategist

…it has been the easiest and most seamless vendor product integration I’ve done in my career. Thanks for all your great documentation and prompt support whenever I needed it.

Global Investment Bank

Senior Developer, Research Technology

I have only had a quick skim but already picking up stuff from recent BOE speeches that I hadn’t bothered reading because I didn’t realise from their title alone what would be in the content!

Independent Research Provider

Head of Research

It’s all about making the research relevant. The sales person needs to know their client and serve them accordingly. This will help them to do that.

European Investment Bank

Head of eBusiness for Markets

…your NLP is clearly superior…

Global Investment Bank

Taxonomy Manager, Research

We have been able to integrate the heatmap today in our website. FYI, It was really easy for our team to integrate. The API works perfectly.

European Investment Bank

Digital Product Owner, Global Research