Sell-Side / Publishers
Current Challenges
in Workflow & Distribution

Key points in your in-house research can be missed amongst the information overload

Manual document tagging is subjective which causes inconsistencies

Inconsistent document tagging leads to sub-optimal distribution to clients

Sales and clients struggle to find articles and maximise the power of the research

Enhancing Sell-Side / Publishers Workflow & Distribution

Enhance Access

Limeglass smart-tagging and proprietary cross-asset and macro taxonomy enable internal and external users to quickly find exactly what they need, maximising the value of your research assets

Personalise your Research

Limeglass is a powerful tool that enables you to customise your in-house research to directly meet your clients’ requirements through detailed analytics

Deliver Results in Context

Limeglass provides you with flexible APIs and intuitive client user interfaces


Limeglass PrismAPI

Automates & adds consistency to the pre-publication document tagging process which can be integrated into existing editorial systems.


Limeglass ContentAPI

Allows for powerful integration of Research Atomisation™ capabilities to enhance existing distribution, consumption & execution platforms.


Limeglass Portal

Provides an out-of-the-box web portal for sales desks allowing instant access to specific thematic paragraphs across all asset classes & macro topics.

Pre-publication Workflow & Distribution

Limeglass PrismAPI – Pre-publication Document Tagging Service

Provides consistent automated pre-published document tagging

Flexible document-level tagging compatible with existing & future client taxonomies

PrismAPI automatically tags documents using Rich-NLP combined with a powerful taxonomy mapping layer which supports
  • RIXML enumerations & publisher defined keywords
  • Limeglass Topic Taxonomy
  • client defined taxonomies

Smoothly integrate into existing editorial systems

  • straightforward synchronous ‘single request’ REST API interaction
  • response times optimised to fit with analyst workflows
  • backed by a high performance & scalable SaaS service
Interprets research in a variety of formats
  • HTML
  • native PDF
  • Eidosmedia XML
  • with potential for adaptation to other formats

Intrinsically designed to preserve confidentiality of pre-published documents

  • data is always encrypted in transit (TLS 1.2)
  • OAuth 2.0 client credentials flow can be supplemented with mTLS or VPN for an additional security layer
  • all processing performed in-process & in-memory
  • data is never written to persistent media
  • documents are inaccessible to Limeglass staff or other processes

Post-publication Workflow & Distribution

Limeglass ContentAPI – Post-publication Workflow & Distribution

Limeglass ContentAPI is a REST API for interacting with post-publication research

ContentAPI allows for powerful integration of Content Atomisation™ capabilities to enhance existing solutions

Incisive Search surfaces relevant documents, articles or specific paragraphs in context
  • dynamic Navigation Taxonomy
  • Incisive Search surfaces concepts from multiple documents
  • Incisive Search contextualises results identifying unknown & ambiguous terms

Content Metrics provide granular analytics

  • composition analysis of published documents
  • trending themes

Limeglass Content Atomisation™ Index provides a powerful paragraph-level index of ingested content

Surface documents & paragraphs discussing specific financial themes

  • identify document-level tags associated with each document
  • render atomised views of paragraphs in context
  • aggregate coverage scores for each document tag
  • map results to your own financial taxonomies

Document tags & metrics can be stored in your own search index

  • index change notifications enable your index to stay in sync
  • Incisive Search endpoints can enhance your search engine by identifying the tags to surface for natural language queries

Limeglass Portal – Post-publication Workflow & Distribution

Provides an out-of-the-box web portal for sales desks allowing instant access to specific thematic paragraphs

Improve sales workflow and make research a key differentiator

Sales + In-house Research = Reputation => Trusted Advisor

  • empower your sales team to strengthen their client relationships
  • become an expert on any topic with access to relevant paragraphs across multiple documents
  • visualise trending market topics & themes

White-label portal for your sales teams to leverage in-house multi-asset research

Provide you sales teams with immediate access to granular cross-asset & macro themes

  • granular information accessed seamlessly
  • access the in-house research at paragraph level
  • leverage the underlying themes through client discussions
  • share the right research at the right time

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