Discovery of trending themes

Problem Solved: Difficult to identify trends in recent Research topics.

Client Benefits: Limeglass heatmaps provide an easy visual representation of key topics and can be used as a filtering mechanism to identify research documents on those topics.


Thematic Research Compilations

Problem Solved: Sales and Research can only compile thematic summaries of content manually and if they know everything published in detail.

Client Benefits: Automated compilation of documents according to themes.


Personalised Research Suggestions

Problem Solved: Research suggestions are too wide or too limited based on available document tags.

Client Benefits: Enriched document tagging allows more granular categorisation of research and therefore of suggestions.


Identification of Topic Correlations at paragraph level

Problem Solved: Difficulties in finding tradeable instruments thematically.

Client Benefits: Automated detection of co-location of specific topics in individual paragraphs allows for the discovery of cross-asset thematic links.


Automated Pre-Publication Document Tagging for Enhanced Research Distribution

Problem Solved: Inability to tag the main Themes of a document at scale. Only current solutions require error-prone manual tagging.

Client Benefits: Ability to distribute research in Thematic categories and to create tailored thematic content.


Post-publication document tagging to validate and extend the Research metadata in your database

Problem Solved: Inconsistent manual tagging leading to incorrect tags stored in database.

Client Benefits: Maximise thematic discoverability of research.