Research Digitisation is the new frontier for financial institutions seeking workflow and client service advantage through technology.

Limeglass SaaS technology provides APIs powered by paragraph-level tagging and cross-asset taxonomy to atomise research documents down to their most granular level of detail. Limeglass leverages Rich Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and AI to transform unstructured data into organised, API-readable information.

Limeglass cuts through the huge volume of financial research enabling users to quickly find and assimilate the most important and relevant information.

This new research tool provides an unprecedented granular map of research creation and client demand.

Limeglass is easily onboarded and can capture details from both HTML and native-PDF.

n: Research Digitisation – 1. The process of applying technology to automate the discovery, collection and distribution of relevant financial information by an institution to its clients or internal teams to increase efficiency

Research providers

Unlock your research

Limeglass Document Atomisation gives your clients the key to unlock the considerable value of analysis deep within your research papers in a matter of seconds

Keep track of all your latest in-house views

Limeglass leverages paragraph-level tagging and proprietary taxonomy to maximise the value of your research

Better serve your clients’ requirements

Using Limeglass’s analytics, you can stay abreast of your clients’ key market interests


Enhance access

Limeglass smart-tagging and proprietary cross-asset and macro taxonomy enable internal and external users to quickly find exactly what they need, maximising the value of your research assets.

Personalise your research

Limeglass is a powerful tool that enables you to customise your in-house research to directly meet your clients’ requirements through detailed analytics

Deliver results in context

Limeglass provides you with flexible APIs and intuitive client user interfaces


Enjoy cross-document navigation

Limeglass Incisive Search puts you one step away from relevant information on any topic from multiple documents

Benefit from the extra edge

Limeglass scours and tags every paragraph of every document so that you never miss key analysis

Extract intelligence from unstructured data

Limeglass smart paragraph-level tagging unlocks previously inaccessible unstructured documents, enabling the ability to extract intelligence and alternative data from your research